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Elopement & Small Wedding Ceremony
Locations at The Kehoe House

The Kehoe House was once a home to the Kehoe family, and as such, it has a very classic "residential" feel to it.  In the front of the house are two rooms that are well-suited for small ceremonies:  the parlor/dining room and the music room.  Leading directly off of the music room is our very popular covered Veranda, which gives couples a wonderful sense of being outdoors, without the risk of rain spoiling the day. 

Which is right for your ceremony? 

*  For true elopements with no guests, you may select any of the three locations.  You have more flexibility with the time if you select the outdoor Verandah, as the parlor and music room are used by other guests during afternoon cordials.
*  Very small weddings with 2-4 guests:  We recommend the Parlor, as it's a little more spacious.

*  Larger wedding parties:  You'll want to step outside of The Kehoe House and find a ceremony location in one of the city's gorgeous parks or houses of worship.  Our staff will be happy to assist you with recommendations and suggestions.


The Parlor

The Music Room


The Verandah